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Easy Way to Get From Story Map Tour Builder to Webmap Viewer screen?

Question asked by sedano on Nov 13, 2014

Hi, I'm leading a class on a story map exercise, and most are using the Map Tour Template, so we are familiar with the Tour builder. Some tasks, though, it seem have to be done from the Webmap Viewer screen, such as importing a map layer or drawing a line between features/pop-ups. Is there an easy way get back to the web map viewer screen from the tour builder interface? We are now having to open up a new tab and sign in to ArcGIS again to get to the web map viewer. Any help much appreciated!


And also, is there a way to batch upload photos from flickr aside from the initial upload request when starting a new Map Tour via the Builder? Once we have our maps going the only way I can find to upload photos is one at a time, which requires grabbing the URL for both the photo and the thumbnail, where the batch upload is incredibly easy and grabs what it needs from flickr for the import.