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Simple AVL from CSV

Question asked by sdague on Nov 13, 2014

Our Goal: Take a Lat/Lon in CSV file from GPS device and update the XY on a web map.

Original solution: Created a VB service to write GPS data to CSV, used Python to covert CSV to Shapefile and refresh map layer programmatically in Flex Viewer.  Worked in testing, failed during event. Python would crash and corrupt the layer.  Had to delete the python working directory and restart the python script to get it working again.  PITA.


Solution 2: Display CSV table as XY data in ArcMap, publish as map service and use Query widget to refresh the map layer. Problem here is that the Lat/Lon in the CSV does not match displayed location.  Example: Query widget shows 34,-117 but Flex Viewer shows the point at 0, 0 or 27, -139.

Thoughts? Recommendations?  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.