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Add Scalar exposed as Argument in raster function rest api

Question asked by nita14 on Nov 12, 2014
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Is there any way to expose a scalar (added to Local function in Raster Functions Chain - attached screenshot) as an argument of raster function added to an image service?


I would like to being able to filter my slope function results in specific range of values for example from 5 to 25 degrees using REST. This is the same idea as parameter in GP service.


Update 1: I found out that I can use remap function to achieve pixel filtering and get my inputs exposed as arguments. The problem, still not resolved, is how I can access these arguments as they are in nested functions inside Raster Function Template file added to my Image Service.


Update 2: Is it possible to use arguments in nested functions inside Raster Function Template file using ArcGIS Runtime for Java and ArcGIS for Server ? Is it possible to create the app like this Flex sample. using ArcGIS Runtme 10.2.4.?


Any ideas or experiences to share?


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