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Getting an error while trying to copy-paste data from MDB to SDE oracle dB

Question asked by rohitshome on Nov 10, 2014

Hi all,


We are trying to copy data from a layer in MDB file and putting it in our SDE dB. However getting an error. This is only happening for OHHT layer. We are using ArcGIS 9.3.1 sp2 - ArcMap to copy the data. The error is provided below:


A failure occured copying features.




A requested feature object could not be located. [class name: HESCOM.OHHighTensionElectricLine, oid: 12320]

Error at line: 88 - Build: 9.31.5881

Error at line: 184 - Build: 9.31.5881

Error at line: 375 - Build: 9.31.5881


Out of my wits end. Tried to rebuild and then copy but still did not solve the issue.