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Programmatically trigger a click to a specific layer

Question asked by bokeefe on Nov 6, 2014
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So Robert Scheitlin, GISP helped me figure out how to fire a click event and re-route the Geocoder. Now I am able to have users enter an address and instead of the fairly worthless (in my humble opinion) popup that says, "Here's you address at this address" and puts a dot on the map as... now when the user enters their address and hits enter it fires a click event on the map which pops up the various popups configured for that map.

Trigger Layer(s) Popup with Feature.Geometry


So now I am looking for bigger and better things. Now I want to have it target just specific layers. If I have a map point and a screen point, how can I target a click (or popup) for just specific layers?


Any ideas?