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Graphic textSymbol added to javascript API map doesn't "print"

Question asked by jbcbirder on Oct 31, 2014
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I combined samples for Printing with graphics


and labeling


and I may have drawn upon this too? ...

Drawing Graphics



The map I made works except for when I go to print to PDF or JPG using the "Prep Map" and Print buttons and the problem is very specific to the use of the "Text Label" button (at the bottom of the list of buttons). The graphic points show up on the map as red dots and the text label both show up on the map in the browser but NOT in the output image. I tried setting an offset on the label and that does not seem to help. I'm beginning to think this must be a bug. Can anyone please help me with this?


I made a Fiddle showing the problem. See especially my comment on line 212 in the Fiddle or see my other post on StackExchange

Edit fiddle - JSFiddle


I also asked this here

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