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Deleting items -- JS api

Question asked by SKitterman-esristaff Employee on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by skitterm

I'm using the esri/request module. I can get items just fine, but I'm not able to delete items as I should be able to.

I am using the url format shown in the ArcGIS REST API, like so: ,

but the error I am getting is "invalid token <".


I then tried putting a "?f=json" on the end of the url, just to find out more. This time, the error I got back was "405 method not allowed".


Is there a way to delete content using the esri.request module? I am authenticated with OAuth 2.0 and the esri/identityManager, so that shouldn't be a problem (and I can see my private items using the get request with the esri/request module).