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JavaScript API mouse events in an iframe

Question asked by madmule on Oct 28, 2014

We have a JavaScript API application (3.8)  that has to live in an iframe.  The target browser is IE11 and everything works fine unless the cursor leaves the iframe in the midst of a pan.  The map gets frozen in pan mode and I have not been able to get the map events back in order.  You literally have to F5 but this is for a MS Dynamics driven customer service center app and they can't F5.


I have even tried calling every internal method I can find just to see if I CAN fix it manually.  I have even been able to make a call to the internal navigationManager._panEnd(event)... which should unbind the mousemove handlers... with a valid event parameter and it still doesn't remove the handlers.  Can anyone suggest any kind of fix for this?


To reproduce this, just create a simple web page with an Esri map in the iframe...





<iframe id='mapFrame' width=1240 height=640 src="">







Start panning the map then move the cursor off the map iframe and mouse-up.  You are stuck.