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Script setting insert and select only on featureclasses

Question asked by agray1 on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by agray1

If you right click on an unversioned featureclass in an sde geodatabase in arccatalog, you can get the manage/privilege menu item.  This opens a form where you can see and edit the privileges of the feature class for each user or role.  You can turn on or off Select, Insert, Update and Delete each independently of each other.  I need to script this up for a bunch of featureclasses.  The Change Privileges tool in the Geodatabase Administration only allows to grant, as is or revoke Select and Insert/update/delete all lumped into "Edit".  That is not good enough, I want to grant Select and Insert on a bunch of featureclasses.  I can do it one FC at the time  which is a huge pain as every time we roll out a new DB (every 3 months or so), I need to do all this manual work, is there a python scripting way to do this?