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Issue with Measurement Widget & Lat/Long when upgrading to 3.11

Question asked by msereda on Oct 27, 2014
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A little background: All other things being equal, this issue occurs on 3.11, but not 3.10 - I've tested both side by side to be sure.  I have also CTRL-F5'd in the browser to confirm that it was not a caching issue.  I've tried Firefox & IE10 and had the same issue in 3.11 occur on both.  Measuring distance and area work both work fine for me, the only issue I'm experiencing is with the 'Location' measurement.


Here's my measurement code (quite simple):


this.measure = new Measurement({
    defaultAreaUnit: this.defaultAreaUnit,
    defaultLengthUnit: this.defaultLengthUnit
}, domConstruct.create('div')).placeAt(this.domNode);


So, to the problem:


When I use the measure 'location' tool in the measurement widget, the longitude updates when I move the mouse around the map, but the latitude does not.  The latitude updates - a single time - if I zoom in/out of the map.  The latitude shown as part of the auto-updating portion comes up as very odd numbers, not even close to the correct location.  The longitude in the auto-updating portion comes up as the correct longitude.


Now, when I 'click' on the map to get the clicked location show up, both the clicked values in the widget update.  It gets even odder than the previous paragraph though, as the clicked Latitude shows up as the correct Latitude, but the clicked Longitude shows up as a wrong value.  So in short, in auto-mode the Longitude is working correctly, and when clicking, the Latitude is working correctly.


Anyone else experiencing this?  Were changes made to the widget in 3.11 that could cause this?