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Save printTask output as image, add download button

Question asked by schlot on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2014 by rscheitlin

I had this crazy idea today that I could use the print task to do a sort of screen scrape of my map and save it into a floating pane.  This would allow the user to keep a snapshot of what the screen looked like at a point in time.  Now I would like to allow the user to have a 'Download' button that appears at the bottom of the image so that it prompts them where to save it. 


I know browsers will let them save an image with right click, but I'd like to make it more user friendly.  At the moment it only lets them open the image in a new tab, which is the default behavior from the printTask in the first place.  I'm trying to pretty it up a bit.