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Noob to ArcGis and have a question about merging layers

Question asked by whozitsdad on Oct 21, 2014
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I am not sure where to post this question so I have my fingers crossed.  I have been tasked with learning ArcGIS - not to become an expert but to assist the engineers and make sure their projects are functional.  Several questions come to  mind, but I am sure I'll learn a bit at the ESRI training.


One question that my boss would like to figure out is this.  (we migrated from Bentley Microstation to ArcGIS)


I added a Census Tract layer for our county (.shp) as a new layer.  Great, I have colored the polygons ...played a bit with the attribute table; field calculator ....fiddling around to familiarize myself with the tools.


The boss man asked if there was a way to say find subscriber data on our map based on the census tract information.  I have heard GeoFence, several terms I'm not real up on yet.  But I am a fast learner.  Our live map the guys use to draw is utility/communications so there isn't any polygons or outline for census tract information.  I'm not sure if I'm able to accomplish this with the new layer I added from the Government or not.  The boss would like to be able to look at the map with the census map layer active and find out how many subscribers are in that tract or block.

Any thoughts?

I realize I lack details but I hate to ramble on


Thank you