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Dynamic Point Clustering for data of 100,000+ size

Question asked by perigonsol on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by perigonsol

Hi guys,


I’ve been trying to integrate ArcGIS into our application. The basic requirement is to draw points, and allow selection/querying of them with drawing tools. It will be required to be able to show 100,000+ points. When I draw this many points, it’s taking 15 seconds to redraw when you zoom in or out which is obviously unusable.


I have seen a few point clustering examples which seems the best solution, but they don’t seem to work how I want. I’ve already got all the data I need accessible before I create the map (lat/longs, coordinate system), so I don’t need to run a query, I just need to draw the points.


It would be ideal if there was a numerical limit to the numbers of points on the screen drawn at one time and when you zoomed in further, if the points could be displayed then they would be. What’s the best way to approach clustering, including being able to select the points with drawing tools, and how much of this do I need to write myself?