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Spatial Join with Rasters?

Question asked by lia_laporta on Oct 22, 2014
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I am new to ArcGIS so please forgive my ignorance.


I believe my problem is quite simple. I have a land cover raster (Corine, 100m pixel), and I have created a Species Richness raster (number of vascular plant species) , w/ same pixel and extent as the land cover raster, based on local data. Now I would like to investigate on the relationship between land cover and number of species. My questions:


a) is there a way to make some sort of spatial join, so that I would know the land cover type AND species richness for EACH pixel?

So I would have a table like:


ROWID | VALUE(LandCover) | VALUE (SppRichness)


b) or must I convert all this to vector in order to make such a join?


c) or, better yet, is there another way to get the comparison I'm looking for between the rasters? My idea is to try and find some sort of correlation - ideally, an average number of species richness per land cover type (a good estimate, with standard deviation).


Thanks in advance