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Add WMS (including from ArcGIS Server) and using specific projection?

Question asked by deleted-user-AYsXjhkrwuAA on Oct 17, 2014
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Hi guys


We're piloting ArcGIS Online for a few little projects here and I'm finding it really great except for the way it handles projections.


I'm trying to create a custom basemap, which for ESRI Maps for Office needs to be in the Web Mercator Projection.


None of our tiled map services, either WMTS or ArcGIS Online Cached Services are natively in that projection, but I do have a WMS and ArcGIS Dynamic layer which would support it.  However when adding these as Basemaps ArcGIS Online always switches the map back to their default projection (in this case British National Grid).  This would be great if ESRI Maps for Office supported it.


Can anyone suggest a way of adding a WMS and forcing ArcGIS Online to use a specific projection ?  Or changing the projection of a map ? 


Also when I add a WMS or WMTS hosted on our ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online always consumes it's rest service basically ignoring that I asked to add the WMS or WMTS. Again this has implications as the rest service may be in a different projection or tiling scheme from the basemap, where as the WMS could support the basemap projection.  Is there


Is there a way to force AGS Online to consume a WMS (or WMTS) from ArcGIS Server as an OGC Service, and not as an ArcGIS Server service?