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Display text unless null, if null display text of next attribute colum

Question asked by dafiter Champion on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by dafiter

I have trail data.

I want to show map tips if the trail has a name.

Unfortunately, I cannot change the data. I want the Name to be displayed. If Name is Null then displayed the Group_ field if not the group then Route_2 and if not Route_2 then Route_1


My code right now looks like this:



dojo.connect(Layer, "onMouseMove", function (evt) { 



                    if (evt.graphic) { 

                        if (evt.graphic.attributes) { 

                            ShowMapTip(evt, "<b>Name</b>: " + evt.graphic.attributes.NAME ); 





                dojo.connect(Layer, "onMouseOut", CloseMapTip);




Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!