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JavaScript Application - What am I missing?

Question asked by cwholmes on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by rscheitlin

Hello everyone,


I have the attached file (AddRecord_V6.html) which I will paste into the thread at the bottom. It works fine in the JavaScript sandbox environment. I have recently tried to break this file out into separate files (.html, .js, .css) to see if I can get this working from the web server on my PC (localhost).


Of course it's not working. What I see is:



I'm confident that 2 things that need to be changed when moving away from the Sandbox environment are:

  1. Proxy
    • I have been trying to follow ( to get the proxy working. But I'm not getting it. Is there any documentation that can help walk someone more explicitely through the steps?
    • Irregardless, I don't think that the proxy issue would have anything to do with the map not displaying above.
  2. Dojo
    • I've been reading on the dojo site, trying to get that set up. The easiest method seems to be to reference a CDN.


Basically I don't know what I'm missing to get this working. Any direction greatly appreciated. The contains the individual files broken out. Below is the code from AddRecord_V6.html


Thanks all!


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