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SQL Server Spatial Views as Editable Layers In a Web map

Question asked by daniellepelletier on Oct 1, 2014


I've been searching through the ESRI support pages but I can't find much information or experience with setting up SQL Server Spatial views as editable layers in a web map.  Has anyone had experience with this?

I've got a SQL Server Spatial database with two views that remove null geometries, and I'm able to publish them as a feature service, but not use them as editable layers in my web map.  Or rather, for a reason I can't figure out one is working and editable, and the other is not. The data is displaying in the site without issue.  On the site I'm working on now, I'm able to edit the line layer, but not the point layer.

In creating the feature service, SQL Server Spatial layers can't have feature templates created (that I can find a way to create), but I believe this isn't an issue as some layers are working as editable, and some are not.


Does anyone have any experience with this, and can you point me in a direction that may help?