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Get Attribute values in ArcGIS Javascript API without feature

Question asked by anoopjavvadi on Oct 2, 2014
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I'm creating a graphic for point to get it displayed on the map. I need to get the attribute values displayed in a pop up box, may be an infowindow will also work. The points are plotted on the map just fine but i can't see the attribute values to those points. this is the piece of code var graphic  = new Graphic( myPoint, createSymbol( iconPath, initColor ) ); graphic.setAttributes( {"Status": "test"}); graphic ); There are like 100 points and so i'm running the a "for loop" for each point so that they can be added to the map. Similarly at the same time i'm assigning the attribute values to it. How to get those values ?? I tried to get the attribute values using: alert(getContent()+" Arcgis"); But in the alert window it returns:          "undefined ArcGIS" It is returning the undefined value. It will be of a great help if anyone can help me out on this one.