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SDE Stuck in Transaction Mode

Question asked by pipes161 on Sep 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by emilharold

My script is using arcpy's Editor and an InsertCursor to insert data. However, whenever the "insertRow" function of the cursor is called, an exception is thrown with the message "workspace already in transaction mode."


The script is connecting to an SDE database. The version of ArcMap installed is 10.2. An excerpt of the script is below.


Even after rebooting the computer running the script, this issue persists. Are there any suggestions? I've had no luck finding suggestions on what to do to better understand this error.


editor = da.Editor(wkspc) editor.startEditing(True, True) editor.startOperation() insert = da.InsertCursor(target_fc, target_list) insert.insertRow(row) editor.stopOperation() editor.stopEditing(True)