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ArcGis Javascript, Cordova, and IonicFramework

Question asked by bpayne10 on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by shaik447

I'm working on developing an application that uses ArcGis Javascript.  This application runs uses the IonicFramework and runs in Cordova so it can be run on Android and IOS systems.  On selecting a dropdown, a graphics layer with various graphics is added to the map.  This is working correctly, and I am able to click on the graphics to get the info window with accompanying information.  The issue I'm running into is with zooming into/out of the map.  When I use a local copy of the 3.10 Compact library the double click zoom function thinks the center point is somewhere off to the left of the screen.  This also happens with the pinch zoom.  Using the same code, if I point to a CDN address ( the zoom works correctly.


Any ideas?