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ArcGIS Javascript API iOS 8 and Dojo Page Transitions

Question asked by rutzmosh on Sep 19, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by jeff.pace

We have an ArcGIS JavaScript map that is published using the esri packaged dojo v1.9 and the latest release of iOS 8 breaks the dojo clicks and page transitions. 

If you have had access to iOS 8 it is a known issue (#18168 (support iOS8) – Dojo Toolkit )

It breaks our map application (Buses )


Also breaks esri samples (Find Nearby )


Anyone have any suggestions for a work around or maybe does esri plan to build this patch into a current/future release of the JavaScript API

I did a little bit of digging and testing and it doesn't seem like it is feasible to swap out the patched version of the dojo libraries on a hosted version of the JavaScript API


I am using v 3.6 in this application but would happily upgrade if a fix was posted.


Any help is appreciated.