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Canadian Polling Place Locator App for ArcGIS Online Canadate Info Pods MISSING

Question asked by SDGGIS2010 on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by SDGGIS2010

Has anybody successfully launched this app to their ArcGIS Online account?  I am currently testing the application with our own populated data, and I am having a difficult time with getting the Candidate information pods to appear in the web browser. (i.e. click on map, route service works, but no pop ups appear at the bottom of the application to show directions and candidate info)


I have examined the Config.js for any omitted services, or visibility settings with no avail.  All our data is pointed to the appropriate feature services hosted on ArcGIS Online.   Has anyone experienced similar behavior with their Polling Place app, and has a workaround or bug been discovered in the code that I am no aware of?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!