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domain field type errors

Question asked by etylerNwwsd on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2014 by LuciH

So I went to import my schema changes from my parent to child replica. It allowed me to do some but was receiving an error for the "Update Domain" changes. The error message I was getting was "Import replica schema changes failed. The existing domain type does not match that of the updated domain."


So I opened both enterprise gdb's and found the ones that were listed in my "Import Schema Changes Wizaed" as "UpdateDomain" and found in deed that the field type in the domain properties was a "Float" in the parent gdb. and a "double" in the child gdb.


So I tried to make the changes in the Child gdb to match the field type under the domain properties in the parent and got the following error message when I clicked ok.

"Failed to update one of the domains. The existing domain field type does not match that of the updated domain."


Confused why I am getting the second error message when they should be the same after I make the change. Do I need to make the change somewhere else other than ArcCatalog?


We are running 10.1 by the way