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JSAPI Editor Dijit merge operation moves polygon

Question asked by kdoman on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by kdoman

We have a custom JavaScript API based application that loads an ArcGIS Online Webmap from our organization and lets the user edit the shapes of polygons in a specific layer. Initially, the polygons all cover a specific area, and there are no gaps in between them. The application loads the Editor Dijit, and configurations plus event handlers limit the Editor Dijit to the following:

  • Edit Feature Attributes
  • Draw new polygons
  • Autocomplete polygons
  • Cut features
  • Merge features.
  • Undo and Redo

Problem: When the user cuts a polygon, the two pieces look okay. But when the two features are selected and merged, the new polygon is displaced by two to three pixels in some random direction. The merged shape is maintained, but it looks like it slid over a little bit. This creates gaps and overlaps in the polygons where there weren't any before. When we look at the data in ArcMap, we see the same gaps and overlaps in the edited polygon. While the displacement appears to be a couple pixels off, that translates to about 10 foot gaps in our data.


For right now, we don't have a topology on these features, since the extra checks and balances they add reduce the performance of other operations.


Any suggestions? I'll be happy to post bits of my code when I have time.