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FDO error: -2147024857 [_gdb]

Question asked by brady.lwoods_analyze on Sep 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by bevonkno_16

Hello all,


I have recently ran into an issue where I have all of my shapefiles and file geodatabases that are stored on a network drive that will not load and will repeatedly give me an FDO error: -2147024857 [_gdb] when I try and open a geodatabase in ArcCatalog, or "Failed to open the dataset." when  I attempt to open a shapefile. I have done extensive googling and have not even seen one instance where this error has occurred for someone else.


A few things to note:


- The geodatabases and shapefiles in question are located on a shared network drive
- The enterprise license we have expires in 14 days (have not renewed yet)
- The geodatabases and shapefiles in question WILL open and are fully usable on two computers in the office


Thank you for any insight you all may have on this problem.