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Geocoder dijit throws error on submit when autocomplete is true - bug?

Question asked by jcarney_voicenet on Sep 15, 2014



When autocomplete is enabled for the geocoder widget, if a user choses to press enter instead of selecting from the autocomplete drop-down, it throws the following error:


Error "Error: This deferred has already been resolved

    at Error (native)

    at d (

    at resolve.callback (

    at q._receivedResults (

    at null.<anonymous> (


    at c (

    at d (

    at resolve.callback (

    at null.<anonymous> ("


This is the case even in your sample at this url: Geocoder Widget | ArcGIS API for JavaScript . Is there a workaround or patch for this? Is there a way to disable whatever event (submit or keyup?) is triggering it?