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SQL Server Reporting Services and ArcGIS Data

Question asked by boyle.matt on Sep 16, 2014

I have just started playing around with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and trying to insert a map into a report using our GIS features stored in SDE (SQL Server 2008 R2).  It seems pretty straight forward, but I'm not getting the desired results.


I'm trying to insert a map that centers and zooms to the parcel the report shows.  I have a parameter set and my dataset is filtered by the input parameter.  That all works fine as the information displayed is correct for the GPN (id) entered in the parameter.


What isn't working though is the map.  The map doesn't show anything.  Our parcel layer is around 100,000 features.  The feature class I'm pulling from is in Web Mercator projection.


A couple questions / issues:


1) Does my feature class need to be in WGS84 in order to overlay a Bing basemap? --> The coordinate system is set to planar since this is a Projected coordinate system.  Can you not switch the coordinate system to Geographic within SSRS and have the data re-projected?

2) Why is my spatial data not being filtered the same way as my field data?

3) Are there certain properties of the map that I'm overlooking? --> In the map layer properties, the 'Use spatial data from: ' property is set to 'Spatial field in an analytical data region' with the SHAPE field being used.  The filter property is set to GPN = @prmGPN.


I have also tried removing the polygon layer and adding just the Bing basemap to get the coordinate system into Geographic and then adding the polygon layer through the add layer wizard.  When I do this, I get the error: 'Must declare the scalar variable "@prmGPN".  What exactly does this mean?


Any ideas / suggestions / thoughts would be appreciated.