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JS Api in sandbox

Question asked by RHpec0312 on Sep 14, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by timw1984

Hello JavaScript API community,


I've began working through the Javascipt Web and Mobile Applications book/tutorial to submerge myself in the API.  In the lessons it asks us to use the JavaScript sandbox to test and develop code for each lesson.  I've been running into a wall and it really frustrating because I just want to get to making an html5 site with the api.


1.  In the sandbox I cannot get events to fire.  Alerts do not work.  Feature Layers do not load to the map.  Does the sandbox not support AMD module      loading?  If not, should I even try to use the sandbox?


2.  In the book the examples point to sample servers from esri.  Some are available and some are not.  Is there are place on the developer site where the

     information about running sample servers is maintained?


3.  As a beginning javascript developer and junior level python developer, where does esri recommend that I begin with the api?  The sample codes I look      at match what I am doing, yet things just are not working.  I can work with map service layers but that is about it at this point.  There is some sort of      major bug I am missing.


I should mention that making a web map is not my goal here.  I am going to be making maps using the api and available sample servers.  When I can do this, I plan on learning the proxy so that I can access my unshared protected services.