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Needing Help with ArcObjects Program, Programming Several Checkboxes to one Combobox

Question asked by MLCouden on Sep 11, 2014

I have attached a picture of my GUI. So when you look at the GUI you'll notice the combobox with Abilene in it, then look to the right and you will see several checkboxes. This is how I need it to work. They select a District i.e. Abilene, then they can check as many boxes as they want for the stations they want in their map. For Example, Abilene is the district and then they want ATR, AVC, BC, and LTPP stations. I have code written below please let me know if this is the right path or is there a shorter way to program this GUI.



Private Sub CmdMap_Click ()


Dim pGxLayer As IGxLayer

Set pGxLayer1 = New GxLayer


Dim pGxFile1 As IGxFile

Set pGxFile1 = pGxLayer1


     If cboDistrict.Text = "Abilene" Then

          If ChkAtr.Text = True Then

               pGxFile1.Path = "K:/permanentstations/Atr.lyr

          ElseIf ChkAvc.Text = True Then

               pGxFile1.Path = "K:/permanentstations/Avc.lyr

           ElseIf ChkBc.Text = True Then

               pGxFile1.Path = "K:/permanentstations/Bc.Lyr