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Double click does not end measure tool in basic viewer IE only

Question asked by cdallapiazza on Sep 10, 2014

A while back we put together a web map by customizing the basic viewer template that was available at the time.  I guess enough time has gone by that it is now the "classic viewer"


When I use the measure tool to lay down some points for either the distance or area, I can't end the line segments or close the polygon by double clicking.  I just keeps putting down points.  This is in IE only.


The problem does not appear in the basic template linked above.  I noticed that the template linked above uses version 3.10 of the JavaScript API.  The template that we customized uses 3.6.  I did attempt a quick upgrade to 3.10.  That did fix the problem but it created new problems.  Starting over again with the linked template and re-customizing would be time prohibitive.


Anybody know how to fix this and stay on version 3.6 of the API?