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Load WGS84 Local Shapefile and Display in Web Mercator Application

Question asked by geonetadmin on Nov 16, 2010
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I downloaded and am using �??Shape File Overlay for Sample Viewer�?� from the ArcGIS resource Center, submitted 3-4-2010 by �??HardWork�?�. It works great, but I need it go a step further.
�??�?�Shape File Overlay for Sample Viewer�?��?�

I asked this in a previous forum but thought I would start a new thread. . .

My application is in Web Mercator (102100). So every time my users want to use this tool, they need to convert their shapefile from WGS 1984 Geographic (4326) into Web Mercator (102100) in ArcMap first. Then, and only then, can the shapefile be converted into a graphic and shown in the WM application.

Can anyone show me a way to convert this programmatically?

The conversion would always be the same (4326) -- (102100).

********* My environment *********
Adapted Sample Flex Viewer: (Build 06.12.09)
Required Adobe Flash Player version 10
********* My environment *********

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Attached are my adjust files and one of my sample shapefiles in WGS 1984 Geographic (4326).