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How to design a scene with existing buildings, and using existing data best workflow.

Question asked by KennethLinformi-dk-esridist Employee on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by geonetadmin
Will start this thread, by saying that I�??m amazed by CityEngine. And love to be the one that are responsible to get this out to the public in Denmark. Just wanted to set things straight if my perversely posts haven�??t explained that probably ;-)

I�??m still struggling on which workflow I should use, to create existing buildings in a area of interest. I told in an earlier post that we were receiving  Lidar data with 40 x 40 cm of density in average. Those data will be free for everyone in Denmark, and of course I would like to use that data to create 3D content inside CityEngine. ( I know CityEngine don�??t manage Lidar)
I mention before that I�??ve been working with GIS before, but BIM and 3D visualization is my core competence. So I�??m no GIS expert, but I do work together with a lot of GIS geeks.
My problem is that I can take my building footprints, assign lidar data, and get the height at an attribute like we know from Redlands Redevelopment. But with 100 of different roof types, and even a lot of different roof types within the same building polygone, I�??m having trouble to see how I would create that. I do not see a straight line to follow, so I can build up a rule that could get even close to that. I�??m not talking about the prober facade texture for each building, but just to get the geometry right, or almost anyway.

I have a colleague who is willing to help me. He have created multipatches from our Lidar data, and I hope that you guys have maybe another solution, or a way to clean out those multipatches. I have no trouble seeing how the building should look like, but I would like the building to not be that shaky.

Any good ideas workflows? Am I on the wrong track or?

Left attached picture is the multipatch in ArcScene the the right CityEngine