Setting attribute values in multiple rules

06-30-2014 07:58 AM
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I would like to set attributes to a certain values from within the rule and be able to change it latter in the inspector tab (like one would do with the styles).

I can not use styles because i have multiple rules imporing other rules and object type is defined by several parameters within diferent rules (i.e there is footrpint rule, volume rule, facade rule and building type is defined by a set of parameters in all of these rules). Styles can not span multilpe inported rules (or can they?) so i decided to describe my building types through set of attributes from within the rule. The only problem with this approach is that once attribute values are set they can not be changed anymore in the inspector.

Is there a way to set a certain value to a parameter from within the rule and be able to change it latter in the inspector? Any ideas?
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Hi !

Maybe try this:

use the default atts that work with the styles, but then also add a second attr (for the same thing), which you enable when needed.

e.g. attr 'height' > set by style


attr 'height2' > use wherever needed.

make sense ?

* * *

maybe use such a construct in a function:

getHeight = 
    case whichAttr == "first":

@Range ("first", "second")
attr whichAttr = "first"

attr height1 = 5
attr height2 = 10
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