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Printing Issue - Text Not Displaying in Print Layout

Question asked by ipeebles on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by NSager-esristaff
I have an application where a user can add graphics including text to the map.  I also have a geocoding tool where the user can locate an address and a marker symbol will display along with the address as a text label.  The issue is that the text will not print in my print layout that I have configured.  If the user adds in text to the map, they can change the color, size and angle.  However, when pringing out the map using the print widget, none these settings carry over to the print layout.  By default, the text shows up in black.

I am currently using the ArcGIS JavaScript 3.5 API.

Are there any solutions to these issues?

Please refer to the screenshots:

Text from Geocoding Tool

1. Application with Point (Address Point) and Text (Address Label):


2. Application Printed Out using Print Widget (notice missing Address Labels):


Adding Text

1. Added Text as University, Red, 20pt, Normal, Align Start, Text Angle 45 within the map


2. When generating a Print Out (notice the text is in black)