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Register Database Bug: Inconsistent Between Managers

Question asked by cprgeoadmin on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by cprgeoadmin
I'm experiencing a lot of problems trying to properly register my AWS geodatabase.  I'm trying to troubleshoot whether the AWS image isn't configured properly and what I need to change to properly register my GDB for use.  As a sub-problem, I have found a weird bug  that might be contributing to my problem.

When I register a GDB with ArcCatalog, the results in the web-based Manager are different.  No matter what I configure for the Server Database Connection, the web-based Manager shows the exact same thing. See screenshots for a visual example (note I've just deleted some IP and password hash data so ignore the blanks)

Again, no matter what I put in, I always get the same result.  If I use a different GDB, instance, username, etc. It's always owner, EGDBHOST, geodata. etc.

Is this a cosmetic issue or is there something weird happening with the database registration?