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How do I not specify a CustomerWeightField when scripting CustomerDerivedTA_ba?

Question asked by cmpalmer99 on Sep 10, 2014

When you run the Business Analysis toolbox wizard for creating a Customer Derived Trade area, you have the option of weighting each customer by count or for specifying a field (such as sales or number of visits) to use as a weight. You select this with radio buttons and if you select "count", then you don't have to specify a field.


However, when scripting this tool, the CustomerWeightField is a required field. Leaving it blank yields a "This field was not found in the customer layer" type error message. In my case, I just want to use the count as the customers I'm analyzing do not have any other valid fields for weighting the results.


Is there a magic value to enter for CustomerWeightField that will force it to use count?


The documentation says:

The field used to calculate the trade areas. This is based on either the number of customers (count) or the calculated weighted value assigned to each customer.


A fallback, I guess, would be to add a weight field and set it to 1, but I don't want to have to rely on modifying the input data.