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Model Builder: Problem Populating Attribute Fields in Tool

Question asked by Jamari_L_Powers on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by Jamari_L_Powers
I am still new to Model Builder but have learned some of the basics. I have been trying to add attribute fields and populate them. I am working with an exisitng tool (Strip Map Index Features; under Cartography Tools in ArcMap). Upon running the tool, there are several attributes that are generated and populated in the attributes table. I have successfully added four fields to the attribute table, however they are not being populated. They are populated as 0's. This is where my lack of understanding is causing me problems.

The four fields I've added:

The Strip Map Index Features tool already generates some of these attributes in the table (Angle, PageNumber), so in the simplest of cases, it would just be a matter of assigning those same values to the attribute fields that I've created (i.e., SMAP_ANGLE would get the values in Angle and SMAP_NUM would get the values in PageNumber).THe next case would be that SMAP_SCALE and SMAP_NAME would be populated from the inpute values.

So overall, there are no major complicated calculations for these attribute fields to be populated. I'm just not sure how to populate these fields that I've created. Again, they appear in the attribute table but with 0's.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. If I could just get a better understanding of how to calculate one, then I'm pretty sure I could figure out the rest. I have attached screen shots below. Thanks in advance.

THe tools that I used to add the fields are 'Add Field' tools under Data Management Tools -> Fields