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Discussion created by gasparovic on Aug 19, 2010
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q: Could the proxy page be replaced by any standard (mvc) or j2ee application ?

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We would like to get control of all requests being issued by the client API. This mean all of the map requests (to get tiles, given the example) and also other requests that might appear. I need to get them channeled though our web application sitting somewhere on the server (let's assume both technologies, ASP.NET (MVC?) and/or JAVA J2EE), where I need the power to decide what to do with the request, either allow it to get data from the REST / SOAP service, or block them, or just modify them based on the user privileges we have set somewhere in our configuration db schema.

Setting the proxy page (as per here) could be something we need.

My question is:
1) could be (technically) the provided proxy page (can be downloaded from the link I've posted above), replaced with full web application (either classic ASP.NET, or ASP MVC) ???
2) is there any other way I could force all of the request to be channeled through my server application/service?

I've also seen an article here: Less Chatter, More Work. What's interesting is the Figure n.3. below in the description it says :
"In this architecture, the user map click initiates a call to a well-known resource URI (http://mysamplewebsite/roadInfo/get or http://mywebsite/lineclipper, etc.) on the Web server."
That's on the click, but how about the map widget and its requests for the tiles... can I handle them?

Thanks for the insight. I'd really appreciate any help here. Seems like we need to switch on the REST train as the WebADF is going to be deprecated soon, no matter now on how good your application is/was.