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Can ArcGIS 10.0 handle .csv files with more than 256 columns?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jul 17, 2013
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Original User: tflowe

I am running ArcGIS Desktop SP 5 and I have a python script that creates a text file (.csv) with 995 columns.  My intention was to bring it into ArcGIS as a table and join it to the data it relates to.  However when viewing the csv as a table in ArcCatalog or ArcMap it only shows the first 256 columns.  I have read other threads in 9.3 forums referring to the same issue and that it relates to the Microsoft ODBC text driver and that this is the column limitation for text files. I know this has changed for 10.1 because the table will open fine on my home PC running a trial version of 10.1 "ArcGIS uses its own implementation for accessing delimited text file information and should handle the most common cases for displaying these files in ArcGIS."
However my work computer has to be on 10.0.  Is there any way around this besides splitting the csv file up into less than 256 columns per file?  Will this ArcGIS implementation for accessing delimited text files ever exist in 10.0?
Thanks for your help