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TemplatePicker Items Sequence

Question asked by adrake on Jul 16, 2013
I read in another thread (in the SilverLight sub-forum) that the templatepicker determines the sequence of items based on the "Types" in the feature layer REST section.  I understand this, but how does one go about aranging the sequence of the "Types" in the FeaterLayer service?  I have modified the TOC in the published .mxd, and I have tried to arrange the items in the "Create Feature" template in the published .mxd.  Neither one seem to affect the arrangement of the Types in the REST service.

I can't seem to find any documentation for arranging items in the JSAPI TemplatePicker.

I am using the LGIM PreFirePlanPoint layer, and publishing it as a FeatureLayer.

Here are some screenshots of the items discussed above:
.mxd TOC:
.mxd Create Features Template