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Feature appearance different in data and layout view

Question asked by wadethegreat on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2013 by maplex
I'm trying to output a map and have run into a strange issue I've never encountered before. In the data view, I've increased the thickness of a few polyline and polygon-boundary lines to emphasize them better. However, when entering layout view, all of the lines/boundaries in the extent are uniformly non-thick (i.e. default .4 thickness). I switch back to data, thicker; layout, skinny.

Because I received these shapefiles from another colleague, I've poked around and looked to see if there were any scale ranges that had been set or the like. Answer - no.

I apologize for being less precise than some might hope, and to that end I've included a couple screenshots of the data and layout views.

If anyone has any experience with dealing with something like this, I'd appreciate the help.