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Parse Path or Calculate Value?

Question asked by mbarretts20 on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by mbarretts20
I am building a tool to simplify the uploading xy locations, defining and projecting, as I do this constantly. I???ve gotten that to work; upload the xy table, choose a GCS, then choose a projection. Currently, the projected file comes out as ???projected_data.shp???.  The ideal version of this would automatically name the projected output file with the name from the initial xy table. If the upload table were called ???Massachusetts sightings.xlsx???, the tool would take ???Massachusetts sightings??? and apply it to the output name, producing ???Massachusetts sightings.shp???. [ATTACH=CONFIG]18194[/ATTACH]

I can???t figure out if I need / want the parse path tool or Calculate value. I???ve read postings here, but can???t find out how to reconnect that ???Name??? field from parse path back to the Project output. (Although, I realize that with an xlsx file, we???re asked to provide which sheet data comes from, typically ???Sheet$??? or ???Sheet1???. Will parse path give this, or will it give the file name?)

For Parse Path, I have [ATTACH=CONFIG]18196[/ATTACH]
For Calculate Value, I have [ATTACH=CONFIG]18195[/ATTACH]

I???ve been trying for a few days and can???t figure out how to reconnect the parse path output, or the calculate value output back into the model- notice they are not connected.

thanks so much!