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ArcGIS10: Use xlsx file as Reference Data to create Address Locator.  Errors!!??

Question asked by geonetadmin on Apr 18, 2012
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Original User: ScottChang25

Hi all,
I used an Excel 2007 worksheet to make an xlsx file:
OID Org_Name                 Address         City State ZIP_Code
0 Kentucky Theatre     214 East Main Street     Lexington   KY 40507
1 Repulic Bank & Trust Company 2401 Harrodsburg Road Lexington   KY 40504
2 Square D                             1601 Mercer Road Lexington   KY 40501
3 Community Trust Bank 901 Beaumont Centre Parkway Lexington KY 40513
4 Link-Belt Cranes                2651 Palumbo Drive Lexington   KY 40909
5 Central Bank & Trust Company 3270 Tates Creek Road Lexington  KY 40509
6 Glass America    3801 Nicholasville Centre Drive Lexington   KY 40503
7 Odessa Roofing Inc & Repair 232 Gold Rush Road Lexington   KY 40503
8 Blue Grass Plating Co. 451 North Estill Avenue Richmond   KY 40475
9 Farmers Bank            213 East Main Street Wilmore   KY 40390
10 Central Bank & Trust Co.  301 North Main Street        Nicholasville   KY 40356
Then I used it as Reference Data to create an Address Locator and I got errors - see the attached files.
Please kindly help and advise me what is wrong in my xlsx file, what format I should use to create the table for Reference Data, and how to solve the errors.

Scott Chang