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JQueryUI draggable interaction in IE

Question asked by geonetadmin on Aug 19, 2011
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Original User: dvoecks

Hello all,

I'm building my first application of any consequence, using the JSAPI, and I'm attempting to use a JQuery dialog to act as a floating toolbox over the top of a map that takes up the entire page (for the sake of consistency with other, related applications).  My problem is that, in IE (9) you can't reposition it.  It just doesn't move. The underlying map doesn't pan, either. This problem seems to effect anything using the JQueryUI "draggable" interaction, because I tested it with another div I floated over the top of the map, with the same result.  I even tried applying it via an impossibly long timeout that would make sure it is the absolute last thing to happen on the page.  I've also noticed that this problem effects the "Using JQuery" live sample ( You can drag that dialog in FF or Chrome, but not IE9).

Does anybody have any ideas? Even if I scrap this floating toolbox, I'm absolutely going to want to use other dialogs.  It's going to be pretty frustrating if they can't be re-positioned.

Edit: The "draggable" interaction does work in IE, elsewhere.  So, it seems to be something in the JSAPI that is interfering with it.

Thanks in advance!