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Displaying outputs in Tool layer

Question asked by johancz on Aug 13, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2011 by johancz
I have these 2 problems with my model:
When I add it to ToC as a tool layer, and execute it from there, The model's input data are displayed instead of the output. Better said, the Input layer of cities is  displayed immediately after dragging, but nothing is added after executing the tool from there. I've added a printscreen. I followed the instructions at web help (, checked the Result feature class, as well as the outputs of the consequent tools that add new field to that layer... (I have tried to uncheck those too, no difference...). Intermediate data are :The "table and layer", those were left unchecked. Does it have anything to do with a set scratchworkspace?

And problem #2: When I want to adjust this model for publishing, I change the data type of inputs to Feature set and Record set (citiies is polygon and surnames is table) but in Make query table tool Dialog window, the inputs are displayed like this (see Thumbnail 2). And it causes problems: The SQL expression references the fields, but when I close the model builder and next time I open it, there is another string displayed, so the reference is not valid anymore. (see the key field dialog - The referenced field has different number than the field in the "field(s)" window
I think it could have something to do with \in_memory scratchworkspace. If so, where should I change it? But the scratch workspace is NOT set on any level (tool, model or mxd document)

Thx for help