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Feature Layer based on X,Y Event Layer

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 1, 2011
Original User: zorbac

I'm experiencing a weird issue. I'm attempting to create a feature layer based on one of the layers in my dynamic service. The layer in question happens to be an XY event layer reading from sql server. I get no error messages, but the feature layer simply does not draw all of the features. In fact it only draws a few - maybe 4 or 5 out of 700 or so that should be part of the feature layer. To simplify things I have tested this with the Resource Center example for javascript, under "Feature Layers" called "On Demand", just substitued my services for the ones in the defualt example.

If I convert the xy event layer to a FC it works as expected. This leads me to beleive that xy event data does not work for feature layers either due to a bug or by design. I can not find any documentation stating this however. My application must use the xy event data so I can't solve the problem by converting that layer to a fc. Any ideas?