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Long-running thread stops without exception

Question asked by m.rieke on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by m.rieke

Hi everybody,


my Java SOE (AGS 10.2) does a set of database queries (via IQueryDef) running in a scheduler thread (invoked via Quartz 2.2.1) that  take a few minutes. These queries are scheduled once a day and dump the results into a file on the HDD, creating a fast-access cache of the results.


I now did some stress testing of this cache updates, making it run every 20 minutes and observing the timestamp of the files. The results are a bit patchy. It seems that from time to time the update job does not run until the end (file does not get updated, last logging statement is not executed). The most dubious thing about this that not a single exceptions is being logged. I am catching RuntimeException and Throwable (logging, then re-throwing) already but nothing comes up in the AGS log files. Though, the original scheduler thread (managed by Quartz) is in waiting mode, looking like the execution has finished successfully.


I ran out of ideas after the migration from ScheduledExecutorService to Quartz did not change anything. Does someone have an idea of what could be done? May it be that ArcObjects or COM gets in the way somehow here?


Thanks in advance,