ASP.NET MVC vs ASP.NET Web API w/ ArcGIS JavaScript API???

Discussion created by JerryGarcia on Aug 29, 2014

I'm confused.  I'm migrating 9.3 ADF app to ArcGIS JavaScript ArcGIS 10.2.


I'd like to re-use code which is written in VB.NET that does custom ArcObjects with ArcGIS Server Spatial Analyst Extension.  It uses 9.3 server contexts.



  • ArcGIS JavaScript API
  • Need to execute custom ArcObjects code in SOE
  • Need to capture map images (PNGs) to include in a custom PDF report generated on the server (do this in SOE with printtask?).
  • Need to consume read-only data from MySQL


What JavaScript Frameworks (Dojo, Backbone.js) and Microsoft server Frameworks are recommended?