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Is there an option to disable "Run python script in process" for a Python toolbox?

Question asked by aaronsimmons on Aug 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by David_Chambers-esristaff

When doing Add > Script from a custom Toolbox, one of the checkbox options on the second page is "Run Python script in process".  I have some Python code which ultimately pops up a modal window (the user chooses a cert for an HTTP connection) -- that popup window seems to fight with the "Executing Tool..." window in ArcMap.


I have proven that the same Python code added as a script to a custom toolbox with 'Run Python script in process' unchecked works fine.  (the popup window can be clicked on)


I can't seem to find any option for "Run python script in process" or not for Python toolboxes?!  Is it so integrated that it cannot be run in a separate process?  Is there possibly anything I could add to the __init__ to toggle this?  (seems doubtful)


Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated.